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Video Production Hockley Essex (SS5): The procedure for creating videos or video content to be used online, for viewing at home or on TV, is generally known as video production. The resulting video content can take a number of forms and could be a training video, a product video, a music video, a business marketing video, a full-length movie, a short film or a television commercial.

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It's comparable to conventional film making, but instead of recording the content onto film stock, the content is digitally recorded on SSDs, optical discs, memory cards or hard drives.

Video Production Hockley Essex (SS5)

Normally divided into three distinct phases, the complete video production process in Hockley includes; pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production should include activities like casting, idea forming, budgeting, picking the crew, storyboard creation, scriptwriting, and anything else which is necessary before the commencement of the actual filming. Production is when the recording of the video material takes place and all the needed video content is captured and recorded. Post production is the final phase where all of the recorded material and video clips are edited to form an end product which communicates a clear message or story, as was agreed upon in the pre-production stage.

As of late, the most commonplace use of this video content in Hockley, is for online video marketing of one sort or another. The size of the internet is unknown to most people at this point - but suffice to say, it's ridiculously huge. As you know, the whole world of video changed forever with YouTube. Video marketing has become so popular that it is on the mind of almost every marketer to include in their business. Online videos though, have actually been around for a long time. It's simply that their importance for advertising and marketing is being more and more appreciated.

Of course, the entertainment value was substituted for other uses. They became a tool for promoting services and products and driving targeted traffic. This couldn't be done if people didn't enjoy videos as much as they do.

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These days, there are more people in Hockley interested in videos than there are in reading intelligent books. This is due to the fact that video content is more comfortable and easier to absorb. Among other things, online surfers are basically impatient, and videos help to satisfy that need to spend just a little time on something. There is no need to worry about video working today and not tomorrow, it's now an inherent part of the net.

Naturally, whenever there's an online opportunity, there are going to be certain internet marketers in Hockley who use it to their advantage. You're not restricted to only using video sharing sites, because you can put videos on your own website - as you know. When implemented by someone who is knowledgeable, videos can outshine many other marketing strategies. Some methods are better than others with regards to spreading your marketing message.

There are so many ways to promote products on the internet. Whatever you feel comfortable doing, there's a method of promotion for your needs. Video marketing could be extremely effective for you if you do it correctly, and you can also use it to brand your business. A decent video can captivate people, so your relationship building is potentially powerful. And the traffic that you can get from creating and releasing your videos on the net can convert rather well. Many marketers in Hockley are exploiting video marketing and are seeing remarkable results.

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When searching for free ways to market, you probably won't discover one better than video marketing. The power of video marketing is no longer a secret, so I'm surprised when I hear that so many marketers are still turning to the overworked article marketing approach where you need a complex system in place to make it work properly. With digital camcorders becoming widespread, it's no longer difficult to produce a video and upload it online for the world to watch. If you would like your marketing message to be spread far and wide, then video marketing can definitely give you the sort of exposure you're looking for.

Videos have a degree of power because they make you or your product seem comparable to something that might be seen on the television. Video marketing is so powerful that it can probably double the traffic you're already getting with only a few well produced videos. When you put in the effort to craft out a good video, you'll see that it pays in the long run in terms of high quality traffic. And yes, videos can create the sort of income that you hear marketers boasting about in forums.

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If you learn about it and how to do it, there's almost no end to what you can do with video production and marketing in Hockley. The basic idea is that you want to presell your service or product in the video. We now want to share just a few of the many benefits of this medium in your online business in Hockley.

The first benefit that you would get from video marketing is a boost in search engine rankings. It's well known that Google in particular has a love affair with videos. Getting ranked on the first page of Google with a video is not that difficult to do, if you have correctly done your keyword research. People certainly do search exclusively for videos, because Google has it's own video search engine designed for that task. Providing information using videos helps search engines with content, and its value makes marketers want to use them.

One of the key benefits of video marketing is that you're able to reach your niche audience very easily. If people know where your videos are, they can access them as long as they're able to online. Apple product users routinely surf the net and perform many functions with their Apple products, such as watching YouTube, etc. This all shows the obvious that videos are a permanent medium.

You can create more targeted traffic to your site with video and expand your reach considerably. People in Hockley will be more inclined to listen to your message in a video if it's well done. It's all about giving them the information they need, packaged in the best possible fashion.

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The thing about videos is that when people watch them, that means they're interested and you have a captive audience. Your video traffic will always be highly targeted, and that's what you're looking for. If you're fortunate, then other blogs and sites may feature your video on their own sites. Something like that will really help your marketing efforts. Untargeted traffic is pretty much worthless. Therefore by using videos you're not only aiming to bring in interested visitors but also have the highest conversion rates possible.

Be Seen as an Expert

There are two results that happen when you do video marketing the right way: you become the expert, and you take your business up a notch. There aren't many marketers in Hockley who have started to take advantage of video marketing, which is why it gives you an opportunity to become an expert in your field through the aid of videos. Your target market will be able to understand you better and trust you if they start seeing you as an expert. Gaining expert status has its perks; for one, you'll never have to look for customers because they will seek you out and, second, you can build a brand of products around your name. Another good thing about becoming an expert is that you do not have to sell so aggressively anymore, because people already want what you're selling. I know that many people hate the word guru but if you pay attention, they use it in video marketing a lot.

Videos Should Educate

Videos tend to educate the viewer and that is one of the advantages of video marketing. Videos aren't beginning to dominate the search engines for nothing, for many folks in Hockley they are more convenient and can hold their attention a lot better, so why not give your prospects what they want? The secret to video marketing success is to produce videos that are useful to a particular group of people.

Building Your Brand

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Creating a business brand is becoming one of the toughest things to achieve nowadays. You have to find a way to be noticed and in a significant way. But with video production and marketing it's possible to more easily capture their attention. You can put whatever you want in your videos, but you need to present it well if you want people to watch them to the end. It is quite possible to create enough of an interest for viewers to visit your website repeatedly. It takes work and time, however with enough positive exposure, you'll soon become recognisable and branded.

Easier Indexing

In case you didn't know, videos and text are indexed differently from one another by the search engines. Therefore, video doesn't present the same problems with duplicate content that pure text suffers. Many people take the same articles and place them all over the net, then Google filters most of them as duplicate content. Videos published to certain major sites aren't all viewed the same, and your results will normally be much better.

Video Blogs

As we all know blogging is a common tool to get traffic and spread the word. As I'm sure you already know, you can embed videos in your blogs, but you can also create Vlogs - video blogs. You will not find many specialised niche vlogs around the web, and they can be marketed very well if you know how. You can market it, and there'll be people who will be attracted to this form of content. You will need to create, or maybe outsource, video content on a regular basis so you can keep them coming back. You can easily add a video every few days and tell your visitors about it through an RSS feed. Using a vlog would soon distinguish you from your competition, because very few marketers in Hockley are doing vlogging with any real commitment.

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Online videos are very inexpensive to make and learning the process isn't too complicated. Were you aware that your computer is already pre-loaded with software that you need to produce your videos? After you've put your finishing touches on your very first masterpiece, you can proceed to upload the file to a number of video sharing sites, or just YouTube. A video camera will be necessary later on, so as to widen your video options. You shouldn't compromise on your video's quality though.


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Your video pre-sell will have a greater impact than any text based sales jargon ever will. It's standard practice to pre-sell a potential customer before you direct them to your product's sales page. For increased conversion rates, you will need to learn how to successfully pre-sell with video content. You can give lots of valuable information away during the pre-sell that the viewer can use to measure the value of your product. You might get lucky and make some sales with a hard sell approach, but you won't make it far without utilising the pre-sell strategy. If you are not a big, well-known enterprise then most folks prefer to see, or at least hear, who they're doing business with, by using promotional videos, you give them what they need to begin buying your products.

Gaining Trust

Everybody knows about the amount of scams that circulate around the internet, a quick way to differentiate yourself is to make a video that shows your knowledge level on a particular subject. Trust is one of the most powerful feelings your market can have in you. It is one of strongest emotions that you can evoke with your videos. Much is happening when a potential customer watches your video content, among other things they are weighing up if you can be trusted. All of this relies on the quality of your content. Providing only the best content that is accurate, helpful and informative will contribute a lot to them trusting you.

Viral Marketing

Another beneficial aspect of video marketing is that it has viral marketing possibilities embedded into it. If you're not familiar with this concept, what this means is that people who love your video a lot, will tell their friends about it and your video link will spread like wildfire - in other words, a lot of traffic. A viral video can be a goldmine for any company, if it happens for the right reasons.

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In the final analysis, video marketing in Hockley gives you opportunity to experiment and try new stuff. You are able to work with unique content each time, while you test and track customers' feedback. Your video content can become increasingly effective in their effect, the more you come to understand and keep tabs on your niche market.

Visitors are likely to stay on your website longer if video content is present. Text on a webpage is usually not read completely through, people will scan until something draws their gaze. Videos in comparison are more engaging and keep the viewer glued to the screen, and hence on your website longer. Also, don't be afraid to simply be yourself, because people love it when someone is acting naturally.

If it's getting harder for you to rank well in search, then video marketing is a proven and effective alternative you may want to investigate.

Video Production Hockley - Things to Consider

Title: How successfully a video performs overall, can be hugely affected by the title you attach to it. You need a catchy title for the video that grasps the attention of your viewers and encourages them to watch the video. Try not to be too mysterious or fancy with your title, but instead arouse the curiosity of your viewer and have them click through to the video. The purpose and content of your video needs to be in the title so people will understand what they will see. Very often people will decide to watch your video based on the title, alone. Therefore, do take some time and write an effective video title, because it it will boost the number of views it receives.

The Length of Your Videos: As you may know, online viewers soon get bored - so keep all of your videos short and to the point; about 2 to 3 minutes should work well. We certainly have seen very lengthy videos, up to close to an hour, and that is way too long to do anything in business, except try to entertain. Of course, it all depends on why you're on a site, but when you're viewing a video you want it to get to the point. Avoid creating a 30 minute video to promote your product, but rather pick one aspect that you want to get across with your video, and keep it short. Much like with any other type of advertising and marketing, you do want to avoid being boring and bland with what you say. Keep it short and interesting.

Keywords and Tags: One of the biggest hopes of any video marketer in Hockley is to gain organic search traffic from their videos. So you'll want to use each video's primary keyword phrase in the filename as well as title. In fact, optimising your videos for search engine positioning is far easier than what you need to do for most websites. The tags for your videos perform exactly like blog tags, so that is also where you will need to use your principal keyword phrase. These tags aren't just used by potential customers to find your videos, but are also used by search engines for navigation and know what your video is about. So, make certain you're not ignoring this one tip, because it will be responsible for a lot of the free traffic your video gets.

Top Quality Content: One simple, but important video marketing concept, is taking the trouble to put excellent content in your videos. That's correct; if you can deliver high value to your viewers, then you can easily convert them into visitors to your site. If someone watches your video, he or she will be hoping that it is beneficial or at least entertaining. You can't expect low quality videos to get a high number of views or get circulated around the web. Quality is more important than quantity, so make sure you're putting in enough effort. If you're not providing your viewers with value, it wouldn't help to have a thousand videos on the net.

Watermarking: It is not a bad idea to watermark your videos as well, particularly if you're promoting something. If your video gets shared in lots of places, then watermarking will help you with name recognition and branding. Unscrupulous people can rip off your video if they really want to, but it can help to discourage some. If you've never watermarked your video, then you don't need to worry since it is built into most video creation software. It doesn't hurt anything, and it only takes a few seconds to add a watermark.

Video Thumbnails: Every video needs a thumbnail image to represent it in the search results, and so you need to have one that gets attention. In one way, thumbnails are a bit like sales letter titles, because people will look at them and come to a conclusion about your videos. If your thumbnail looks intriguing and arouses people's curiosity, then it will have done what it is intended for. It's a fairly simple process, but can definitely increase the click through rate to your videos. But you shouldn't use a thumbnail image which is totally misleading, we've seen this done and it just annoys people. Be honest in your approach and let your audience do the rest.

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Video production work can be carried out in Hockley and also in nearby places like: Rayleigh, Stambridge, Battlesbridge, North Benfleet, Hullbridge, Southend, South Woodham Ferrers, Leigh-on-Sea, Rawreth, North Fambridge, Wickford, Ashingdon, Hawkwell, Eastwood, Hadleigh, Rochford, as well as in these postcodes SS5 4EU, SS5 4QN, SS5 4HW, SS5 4DH, SS5 4UG, SS5 4RW, SS5 4EH, SS5 4UD, SS5 4TN, SS5 4ES. Locally based Hockley video production services will likely have the telephone code 01702 and the postcode SS5.

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The process of arranging and manipulating video clips is called video editing. For the misalignment, beautification and editing of video shots collected from videos or from real life situations, a computer-based software application will be employed. Essentially, video pre-recording, still photo editing, music video editing and movie making, are among the different types of video editing. Video editing can be employed to narrate, arrange, add effects to and edit video clips.

A whole host of different techniques are involved in the video editing process, such as sound editing, picture editing, motion-graphics, transitions and visual effects. To ensure smooth transition of the video and sound from one end to the other, audio-video sync software is used. Another essential area of video editing in Hockley are transitions. The main transitions are pauses, dissolves, fade-outs, fade-ins, special effects, fades and wipes. During a video editing session, there are a lot of transitions that can be used.

Transitions can also be used to make a still image seem to be moving. This can be quite readily accomplished by means of short cuts and a mixture of a number of visual and sound editing processes. In order to enhance the effect of the images and intensify the rhythm and drama of the clips, a good video editor in Hockley will combine several sound and visual editing processes. (Tags: Video Editing Software Hockley, Video Edits Hockley, Editing Video Hockley, Video Editing Hockley).

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There are a wide array of tasks that can be carried out by your local Hockley video production specialist including video shoots, video promotion Hockley, recipe videos in Hockley, video editing in Hockley, video voiceovers Hockley, corporate videos Hockley, cheap video production in Hockley, branded content, short films in Hockley, video filming Hockley, video strategy, promotional videos, event videography, video marketing in Hockley, wedding videography, video production for social media Hockley, videography in Hockley, explainer videos in Hockley, video production, case study films in Hockley, aerial filming, video making Hockley, and more. If there happen to be additional Hockley video production requirements that you want but don't see here, you can easily list them on the QUOTE FORM provided. We will be in touch with information as soon as we are able.


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Also find: Rayleigh video production, North Fambridge video production, Stambridge video production, Rawreth video production, Southend video production, Wickford video production, Hullbridge video production, North Benfleet video production, South Woodham Ferrers video production, Rochford video production, Hawkwell video production, Leigh-on-Sea video production, Eastwood video production, Battlesbridge video production, Ashingdon video production, Hadleigh video production and more.

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