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Video Production Atherstone Warwickshire (CV9): Video production is an umbrella phrase which describes the process of making video content or videos for use on TV, online or for viewing at home. The resulting video content can take a number of forms and might be a music video, a business marketing video, a short film, a television commercial, a full-length movie, a product video or a training video.

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It is much like traditional movie making, but rather than recording the content onto film stock, the content is digitally recorded on SSDs, hard drives, memory cards or optical discs.

Video Production Atherstone Warwickshire (CV9)

Typically divided into three specific stages, the full video production process in Atherstone includes; pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production consists of all the processes that are crucial before any actual filming can take place, like creating a storyboard, brainstorming ideas, casting, writing the script and picking the crew. The Production phase is where all the video content is captured and the recording of the video occurs. Post production is the final stage where all of the recorded video clips are brought together and edited to form an end product which communicates a clear message or story, as was decided during the pre-production stage.

The most commonplace use of this content in Atherstone nowadays, is for various kinds of video marketing online. As you well know, there are literally billions of web pages out there. Each year, since YouTube arrived, the popularity of videos has grown by significant numbers. Videos continue to take more market share in the search engines and don't look like as if it is going to give it back any time soon. However, videos on the web are not new. It is simply a case that marketing professionals have come to realise the full potential of video advertising.

Naturally, it was shrewd internet marketers in Atherstone who found other more profitable uses for videos and YouTube. They quickly became a tool for promoting services and products and driving targeted traffic. This wouldn't really have been possible if video wasn't as common as it is right now.

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Nowadays, reading books has taken the back seat to online videos. Videos are semi-mindless to watch and digest. People don't have much patience, so they prefer to "watch and learn" rather than work their way through any other sort of content. As each day passes, the popularity of videos increases, and this is good for us internet entrepreneurs.

The use of video content is now so powerful that some marketers in Atherstone use it exclusively to make money on a daily basis. This just goes to show that video production and marketing is only going to gain more momentum, as more and more people start creating videos for advertising purposes. It's all about showing your target audience what you have to offer, and it can be a deadly marketing tool in the hands of an expert. Some methods are better than others when it comes to spreading your marketing message.

There are so many different ways to promote services and products on the internet. But most of them aren't really effective for attracting targeted traffic, and the other methods even require you to pay money upfront such as the ubiquitous Google Adwords. When you take advantage of video production and marketing, you build a brand and simultaneously attract a loyal audience, that is keen for more content. You can really make a connection with your target market. Well made videos are known for their ability to convert traffic at higher rates. Feedback all over the net is extremely positive about video.

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When we talk about free marketing methods, video marketing stands proudly at the top. The power of video marketing is no longer a secret, so I'm surprised when I hear that so many marketers are still turning to the oversaturated article submission technique where you need a complex system in place to make it work properly. Producing your own videos doesn't need to be complicated, because it isn't. You need to keep your videos laser-focused in order to get the most conversions, but sometimes a pretty ordinary video can get you a lot of views.

Your videos can get you a lot of views, and they create a unique credibility. It's true that video marketing can get you a ton of traffic on it's own, however it works really well when used with other methods. Producing quality videos isn't as difficult as you might think; in fact, you can make several a day once you get the hang of the process. And yes, video marketing can generate the amount of income that you hear so many people boasting about in the forums.

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You can soon have a powerful marketing campaign in place with effective use of video, that will have endless potential. The best way to start with video marketing in Atherstone is to thoroughly research your niche and the product you're promoting, and come up with an educational video that helps the viewer learn something useful. In this article we will be discussing the benefits of video and how it can help you get the most from your marketing campaign.

The first benefit that you could get from video marketing is better search engine rankings. It's well known that Google has a soft spot for videos. Getting your video listed on the first page of the SERPS isn't terribly difficult if you've done your keyword research and everything else right. Plus Google has devoted a whole search engine for videos, and that indicates that people are specifically searching for them. The popularity of videos is a plus for everyone because search engines like them, people like them, and that offers up yet another opportunity for marketing.

One main advantage with videos is you can tap into your niche market quite readily. If people have access to the net, they have access to your videos. For instance, the popular products from Apple, iPad and iPhone, are both excellent when it comes to viewing videos online. This all confirms the obvious fact that videos are a permanent medium.

You can create more targeted traffic to your site with video production and marketing and expand your reach considerably. Folks in Atherstone will be more inclined to listen to your message in a video if it's well done. Adding top quality content to your video is a lot like just adding water, because people love watching videos so much your chances are automatically better.

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The really nice part is if someone is interested in your offer, they'll watch your videos. You will only have traffic that is targeted watching your videos. If you're fortunate, then other blogs and sites may feature your video on their own sites. And that will do wonders for your branding and positioning in your marketplace. You will never benefit from getting traffic that is not closely targeted. Video production and marketing can help you drive highly targeted traffic, and it's up to you to get those conversions.

Being Seen as an Expert

Taking your business to the next step and strategically placing yourself in the shoes of the expert can all be accomplished through video marketing, if you take the steps of a proven process. Although video production and marketing will probably never become oversaturated, it will soon become more competitive so now is the best time to get involved so you can become an expert video marketer and be light-years ahead of other marketers in Atherstone. Once people in your niche start to recognize you they will grow to trust you. Experts never have a problem appealing to the individual, because people in Atherstone are always in search of expert advice and opinions. It even reaches a point where all an expert has to do is put their name on something or endorse it and the product will sell thousands of copies, sometimes more. I know that many people hate the word guru but if you pay attention, they use it in video marketing a lot.

Videos Should Educate

Video is a great way of keeping the attention of someone with a low attention span. It is a fact that we now live in a society where people in Atherstone would rather watch a video than read (maybe because of TV?), videos already dominate the search engines, and are on the rise, so including them in your marketing efforts and as part of your product promotions will only help. All you need to do with your videos is to get lots of "good quality" traffic is to make them as targeted towards a niche as possible, and include information that's both interesting and informative.


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Businesses will tell you that nowadays it is difficult to establish a solid branding for your company. You literally have to figure out how to be noticed and in a significant way. Video has more appeal for a lot of people, so for that reason it can serve to capture their attention easier. Of course your videos should contain the sort of content that is relevant to your product. It's not the easiest thing to do, but if you can create a strong enough bond, and interest, then people will want to know more about you and what you've got to offer. It takes time and hard work, but with enough favourable exposure, you'll soon become recognisable and become branded.

Easier Indexing

It's true that search engines index videos in a separate and different manner than regular text content is indexed. What that means in terms of duplicate content is that you won't have the same concerns that you would normally have. The same article content submitted to different sites undergo filtering, and so they won't all be displayed in the SERPS. But with video content you'll be able to gain good SEO results, plus they'll contribute backlinks for you.

Video Blogs

Everyone knows about blogging and its many uses and benefits. However, have you seen many vlogs, or video blogs? You can produce your own video blog and position it in your niche market. If properly positioned, you can develop a nice base of subscribers who will be desperate to watch your videos. Of course it'll be important to maintain it with regularly updated content, as I'm sure you'll appreciate. With videos, you could add several per week which shouldn't be too difficult. Vlogging requires some hard work, and not many marketers in Atherstone are using it on a wide scale, so it would definitely get some attention.

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There's nothing holding you back, because its easy and cheap to make videos. You can simply use the software that's readily available on your computer to work on editing of your videos. Once ready you can convert and upload them to all of the popular video sharing sites. At the start, you won't necessarily need a video camera, however in order to increase your prospects for success then you will need to make that investment. Try your best to provide high quality videos and you will see results.

The Pre-Sell

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Your video pre-selling efforts will deliver a greater impact than any text based sales patter ever will. With so much marketing floating around, it is important to pre-sell your product or service to a potential customer so they can understand how it might help them. Videos can be used to pre-sell, and in many cases they'll send your conversion rates through the roof. It works so effectively because pre-selling builds a relationship between you and your prospect, informs and highlights the ways in which your product or service can help. Most people hate a hard sell, so pre-selling bypasses this and gently guides them through a selling process. Humans are by nature social creatures, and we like to know that we are dealing with another actual person; so who do you think is going to make more sales - the video promotion with personality or the plain text article?

Gaining Trust

It is widely known that there are lots of scams that are rife the internet, and people are really particular who they put their trust in and which websites they acquire their products from. You'll get a lot more sales when people believe they can trust you. Generating trust is one of the most important aspects missing in online businesses, today. You can accomplish many things with promotional videos, but when they're watched potential buyers are wondering if they can trust you. And a lot of it rests on the quality of your content and videos. You'll have a harder time gaining the trust of potential buyers if your content is bad, or of poor quality.

Going Viral

Another attractive attribute of video is that it can be spread around the web fairly rapidly, therefore your content could even go viral. If you're not familiar with this concept, what that means is people who are fans of the content of your video, will tell their friends about it and your video link will spread like wildfire - in other words, a lot of traffic. Producing a viral video can be like winning the lottery for any enterprise, if it happens for the right reasons.

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Videos are flexible, and you can test many different techniques and strategies. You're able to work with different content every time, while you evaluate visitors' feedback. Your video content can become extremely effective in their effect, the more you come to understand and scrutinise your market.

Videos increase the time period that visitors remain on your webpages. Written content is fine, but most of the time even the best of it goes unread. If you do not believe it then test it yourself; compare a page with video and then one with all text. And if you can add that personal touch to your video, it will help you build a relationship with the viewers.

Video marketing hasn't fully caught on, but it's definitely gaining steam. Who wouldn't want to make use of a powerful medium that can be used to drive traffic, brand yourself and create trust, and provide unique content?

Video Production Atherstone - Things to Consider

Your Video Title: How successfully your video performs overall, can be hugely affected by the title you attach to it. It's very similar to a sales letter title in that it needs to make viewers sit up and take notice, plus your title plays a role in ranking your video on the search engines. Try not to be too mysterious or fancy with your title, but instead arouse the curiosity of your user and have them click through to the video. Also, establish the main USP of your video and include this in the title, so the viewers know at first glance exactly what the video is about. In many cases people will decide to view your video based on the title, alone. Any amount of time that you invest in coming up with a killer title will be worthwhile when you see the viewing figures.

The Length of Your Videos: You will always need to be careful about the length of your videos, and generally speaking they shouldn't be more than about 3 minutes. There's a common misconception among online marketers in Atherstone that so as to really grasp the attention of the viewer, they need to make excessively long videos with a huge amount of content. Naturally, it all hinges on why you're on a site, but when you are viewing a video you generally want it to get to the point. Always speak in terms of the benefits to be gained by the person watching the video, and leave them wanting more. Always try to make your content interesting and compelling to avoid losing viewer interest. Keep it short!

Keywords and Tags: Most marketers in Atherstone who understand the basics know that they can get lots of search engine traffic with videos. Therefore you'll need to use each video's primary keyword phrase in the filename as well as title. This is because the major search engines give a lot of weight to such keyword optimisation, and it will help in the long run by making your videos more easily searchable. The tags for your videos function exactly like blog tags, so that is also where you will want to use your principal keywords. Your tags are critical to getting your videos more easily found either by folks searching at YouTube or on Google. This is really pretty basic stuff, but nonetheless if you do not know about it, then you won't know to do it properly.

High Quality Content: One of the most important video optimisation rules is to have high quality content that your viewers will love. If you want people to visit your website after viewing your videos, you have to give them some valuable content first. When people view videos, they want the best quality content that benefits them in one way or another. You can't expect second-rate videos to get a high number of views or get circulated around the web. Don't overlook this element, as the quality of your videos is much more important than the quantity. If you aren't providing your viewers with value, it won't help to have a thousand videos on the net.

Social Bookmarking: You can also use social bookmarking sites, to help get extra exposure and valuable backlinks for your videos. This is part of your overall video marketing plan, and should not be ignored. This step is also very easy to do, but time consuming and a little tedious, however it will help, so don't skip it. A lot of bookmarking sites will not be worth your time, because they're too small, but there are lots of high traffic websites to select from. How far you take this is obviously up to you, although it is worth the effort, and we recommend you do as much as possible.

Posting Video Content on Your Own Sites: Always embed your videos on your own websites, as well as YouTube. Your ranking efforts will gain a few points with Google if you put video content on your websites - Google loves it. You will be optimising your videos to get additional views by doing this, and while doing so increasing your websites' popularity. Try to dream up creative applications for your video content, and you will surprise yourself with your ingenuity.

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Video production work can be undertaken in Atherstone and also in: Goldicote, Ettington, Clifford Chambers, Ailstone, Ilmington, Pebworth, Preston on Stour, Long Marston, Lower Quinton, Stratford upon Avon, Alderminster, Newbold on Stour, Mickleton, Halford, and in these postcodes CV9 1LB, CV9 1NB, CV9 1LF, CV9 1JZ, CV9 1AZ, CV9 1JW, CV9 2RJ, CV9 1BA, CV9 1GA, CV9 1LY. Locally based Atherstone videographers will probably have the telephone code 01827 and the postcode CV9.

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Video editing is essentially the manipulation and arranging of video clips. A computer-based application used for the editing, misalignment and beautification of video clips, that may be recorded from videos or from real life situations. Essentially, music video editing, movie making, video pre-recording and still photo editing, are among the different kinds of video editing. During this process video editing is used to add effects to, narrate, arrange and edit video clips.

Video editing includes a whole host of techniques, like visual effects, motion-graphics, DVD transitions, picture editing and sound editing. To ensure the smooth transition of sound and video from one end to the other, audio-video synchronisation systems are used. Transitions also play an important role in video editing in Atherstone. Transitions include fades, fade-outs, wipes, fade-ins, dissolves, pauses and special effects. During the video editing process, there are lots of transitions that can be used. As an example, if the user wants to take a video of his pet and make it appear as if the camera is pointing at the pet, a fade-in technique is used so that the appearance of the pet changes little by little without any loss of quality.

Making a still image appear as if its moving, is another useful aspect of transitions. This can be quite readily achieved by means of short cuts and a combination of different visual and sound editing procedures. In order to improve the quality of the images and accentuate the rhythm and drama of the clips, a good video editor in Atherstone will combine many visual and sound editing techniques.

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Video Production Tasks Atherstone

There are a whole host of tasks that can be undertaken by your local Atherstone video production company including video promotion Atherstone, video editing, video filming, product videos, video strategy Atherstone, branded content, short films in Atherstone, corporate videography, cheap video production, event coverage, corporate video production Atherstone, video equipment hire, video production, video making, business videos Atherstone, aerial filming, documentary videos in Atherstone, video production rates, case study films, video production for social media Atherstone, media production in Atherstone, video shoots in Atherstone, and more. If there are different Atherstone video production requirements that you want but cannot see here, you can easily list them on the QUOTE FORM provided. We will get back to you with information as soon as we are able.


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